Post Easter Sunday

I am up drinking my Folger's coffee and reading my incoming emails from LARO, preparing myself for todays observation with my Supervisor... I am nostalgically remembering the process to getting to this day, it's been a very long one... The process I began by simply applying for the role. I have years of experience working…Read more Post Easter Sunday

Friday at The Social Security Office

It is happening I am becoming an old lady. This was always my goal. I want to see myself totally gray eyelashes and all. The concept fills me with such peace... I must admit that the process has speed up since Joseph's death...the absence of hope does age one prematurely. This is something new that…Read more Friday at The Social Security Office

Ms Coletha’s HOUSE Picture What do you do when you don't know what to do? How do you survive when you are possessed by despair, depression, hopelessness and doom? You survive. Coletha's House was created for just this predicament. Coletha Albert, a native of Houston, Texas who now lives in Tukwila, Washington was raised in just such…Read more Ms Coletha’s HOUSE